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Building with Roalesk in Commander

Trendy Horizons is a tremendous set with tons of exciting Commander cards, however my thoughts retains going back to at least one Conflict of the Spark card in specific, and the one option to remedy that’s to put in writing this text. Last week I went towards my nature and wrote a few mono-black commander, so it’s time to offset that with this Simic gem:

Roalesk, Apex Hybrid

Roalesk, or as LSV likes to name him, ROASlesk, is the perfect government for the Simic biotech company I’d wish to build. Whenever you deliver him on, you get a sweet signing bonus of two +1/+1 counters, and when he leaves the corporate, his golden parachute kicks in–however in contrast to a real one, Roalesk’s termination package deal spreads the wealth to everyone who’s still on the battlefield.

So, what’s our marketing strategy for Roalesk? Nicely, right here’s what I’ve drafted up:

  • We’ll want creatures that love +1/+1 counters – they’ll benefit probably the most from Roalesk’s distinctive management type.
  • We’ll need other permanents that need to be proliferated, as that’s the sort of asset Roalesk is greatest at managing, as well as different methods to proliferate so Roalesk doesn’t need to do all the work himself.
  • Roalesk calls for a number of mana. Five isn’t an insignificant quantity, and if he ends up going to the command zone his wage gets even greater.
  • Some of our best staff are irreplaceable, and it might be superb just to have the ability to make use of some clones or get them back in the group. (Plus, cloning a Roalesk results in some enjoyable shenanigans, and if we would like Roalesk’s demise set off, we’ll have to let him see the graveyard typically.)
  • We’ll need methods to guard the board we use Roalesk to construct. Shield our funding, that is!

Step 1: Rent Roalesk’s Direct Stories

Once I was in enterprise faculty, I discovered that the very first thing to do in a state of affairs like that is to get the fitting individuals on the bus. After you have that, it’s easier to determine where the bus is going.

These three are a few of the Simic Mix’s greatest carriers of counters. Fathom Mage and Sharktocrab each do their jobs immediately when counters are placed on them, whereas Gyre Sage gets to do its thing once per untap as an alternative. Regardless, we’d like mana to go alongside with all those playing cards and all the management Sharktocrab exerts. Talking of mana, Fertilid is likely one of the greatest ways for us to get it in the early-to-midgame, and we’ll should construction our manabase properly to make optimum use of it.

These are more oriented towards strengthening your staff using the counters they receive. Grasp Biomancer turns your creatures into powerful mutants as they enter, and Kalonian Hydra works amazingly nicely with the Biomancer by turning the counters it dispenses into even more. Champion of Lambholt builds up counters shortly and then makes use of them to make your group very exhausting to dam.

Toothy, Imaginary FriendChasm Skulker

Both will grow as we draw cards (and we’ll be sure to do so), however where Toothy’s demise will get us extra attracts, Chasm Skulker does more to go away a military behind. Both means, each playing cards persistently develop flip after flip, and that’s an essential factor in this deck. We’d like massive creatures, which is why…

…we’ll be hiring these four standouts. Look how long their resumes are! Positive, they’re specialist. They only know methods to do one factor: get swole. What Managorger Hydra and Mowu have in trample, Experiment One makes up for in with the ability to regenerate. Experiment One grows with out us even paying a lot consideration to it, which is what makes it worthy of a slot. And, in fact, everybody loves an enormous Krasis. No one might probably be uninterested in that at this level.

These people belong on our workforce not due to their uncooked expertise (although some, like Zegana, are a lot capable of rumble)–as an alternative, they’re here to help the remainder of the group. Does your HR department present talents like trample and flying or make creatures unblockable? Roalesk’s does.

Step 2: Rent The Help Employees

These five are a fantastic foundation for Roalesk’s division. Tamiyo could seem odd in a singleton deck, but her real job is to get Roalesk again from the graveyard. Nissa, Very important Drive supplies an identical impact, while Jiang Yanggu provides counters, keys off counters, and likes to get proliferated as he’s lacking a constructive loyalty potential. Nissa, Voice of Zendikar is a large win with proliferate, because it spews out +1/+1 counters throughout your group, and Nissa, Who Shakes the World supplies tons of mana and turns extra lands into creatures – creatures that may develop by way of proliferation.

These four accountants really know learn how to prepare dinner the books. If you want to proliferate many times, flip after turn, these are the creatures you need. Flux Channeler may truly not be at its greatest in such a creature-heavy record, however Evolution Sage is straightforward to justify, and the 2 that proliferate on command for mana are an awesome place to place your assets in the late recreation.

These three are extra in distributing counters than amassing them, although Forgotten Historic does know methods to bank them for some time. Forgotten Historic is one among my favorite cards of all time, which is bizarre as a result of I not often find myself sleeving it up. Its power comes from the truth that all it takes to develop the Historic is the traditional progress of the game.

Simic AscendancyHadana's Climb // Winged Temple of Orazca

Simic Ascendancy spews out counters at a strong pace and may act as a win situation, although I discover that once I’m getting it arrange, somebody all the time has Krosan Grip. Every time! Hadana’s Climb takes things somewhat slower, however once you flip it, it turns right into a high-priority menace that your opponents should discover a option to deal with–and provided that we’ve received other high-priority menace lands in this record, don’t be stunned when your opponents run out of the way to deal with them.

What’s your perfect return on investment? Is it double? If it is, these are the funds you’ll need to put your counters in. Deepglow Skate is clearly splashier than the other two, which work more slowly and steadily, however typically what you want is the power to develop menace after menace, turn after turn.

ThrummingbirdGuildpact Informant - Planeswalker Deck Exclusive

Sneak on in and get your proliferate going. Lots of decks have a bizarre weak spot to little annoying flyers, so use these two to do some corporate espionage and get some more counters.

Inexorable Tide is a Flux Channeler that doesn’t care what sort of spell you forged. It additionally doesn’t get Wrathed away most of the time, which is an enormous deal. We saw Contagion Clasp and Contagion Engine final week as repeatable proliferate engines, they usually do exactly as nicely in this deck. This time they’re more in boosting our group than they are in shrinking the opposing groups, but just a little additional removing from these is an effective get as properly.

Typically you just need a one-shot effect to make something occur, and that’s where these come in. The primary three substitute themselves and are pretty straightforward to forged, while Planewide Celebration is a much bigger payoff that you would conceivably use to proliferate four occasions. You can too get Roalesk again with it, which is a reasonably large deal as nicely.

These three all improve the rates of interest on our investments. Once you’re proliferating a number of occasions a flip and adding tons of counters to issues, cards like these three go an incredibly lengthy option to enhancing our backside line and zeroing out our opponents’ stability sheets. (Their life totals. This metaphor is a variety of work.)

These cards all help our creatures with counters in numerous ways. Give // Take might be fused to draw you a ton of cards instantly, or you’ll be able to simply decide one half. Solidarity of Heroes is a hard-hitting, doubling card that may go as broad as we’d like it to. Biogenic Upgrade additionally does some good work in phrases of doubling, and Inspiring Name and Bred for the Hunt present an enormous payoff with card draw.

These are a few of the lands I was speaking about earlier that flip into must-kills. All three of those add some counters to our creatures in numerous ways.

Lux CannonBlast Zone

The corporate has a number of secret tasks. Don’t worry about it.

Step three: Secure Venture Capital

We’re going to wish some additional mana. Not a ton needs to be stated about this, but here’s what I’m considering in phrases of playing cards that do the job:

Spells! At the least we now have one thing to set off Flux Channeler with.

Farhaven ElfWood Elves

More methods to get land onto the battlefield. Nice! These go nicely with our clones (arising in our next section) which makes them slightly extra invaluable than the sorceries.

Typically you simply need some Elves. Luckily, there are a lot round, and Incubation Druid even needs us to put counters on it.

Artifacts that generate mana are kind of the property, plan, and gear of Commander decks. They’re not thrilling, however you need to have them in the event you’re going to manufacture something.

Astral CornucopiaEverflowing Chalice

These are just a little more thrilling provided that proliferating pumps them up.

Step 4: Bolster Our Workforce

Some of our greatest staff are exhausting to exchange. Roalesk needs to die, which is fairly inconvenient for a Commander, and the remainder of our workforce isn’t essentially filled with redundancy. What do we actually need to do with our best staff? Properly, we need to clone them, and it turns out that we will truly do this right here.

Blade of Selves

A myriad of Gearhulks. An entire class of Master Biomancers. A half-pipe of Deepglow Skates. Or you can simply make some additional Roalesks and let them die to the legend rule.

Mirror MockeryFollowed Footsteps

Similar as Blade of Selves, however you just get one per turn.

Helm of the Host

A lot of nonlegendary Roalesks? Positive, however perhaps we will do higher. Multiple Forgotten Ancients? Verdurous Gearhulks getting into the battlefield every flip? A couple of more copies of Pir to reinforce our counter-adding talents? The chances are infinite.

Quasiduplicate and Cackling Counterpart each get two photographs. A kicked Ceremony of Replication on Roalesk can generate lots of proliferate triggers. Spitting Image could be recast any amount of occasions as long as you’re able to throw some lands away. The remaining are truthfully a tier under those 4, however for those who like any such effect, I needed you to have a number of options!

Spark DoubleAltered Ego

Clones with counters. Is that this exactly what we’re in search of in this deck? Sure. Yes, it’s. Some of our cards don’t work super nicely once they don’t come in with counters, so these two are unimaginable.

Your run-of-the-mill Clones, some of them that includes twists. Obviously some are better than others, with Clone principally being the underside of the barrel, however again, if you would like tons of clones, you’ll be able to have them.

Bramble Sovereign

The other of most clones, Bramble Sovereign must be played earlier than the creatures you need to copy. For those who hold it in play, it’s pretty trivial to generate numerous value, copying something from Farhaven Elf all the best way as much as Roalesk itself.

Eternal Witness

We additionally need some methods to get issues again from the graveyard–in specific, Roalesk. I already wrote about a number of playing cards that do this, in order that leaves me writing about Everlasting Witness all by itself, and truthfully, you’ve seen this card before.

Step 5: Shield Our Investment

Typically, opponents will need to destroy our company structure. Typically, they’ll try to build their own firm to rival ours. We should stop them from doing both of these things, and this manifests in a number of methods:

We’ll have creatures we need to shield, and lots of of them are weak in terms of their energy and toughness, so giving them hexproof and/or indestructible can actually save us some headaches.

A collection of counterspells can actually assist us maintain our board from getting Wrathed away, stolen, exiled, or no matter it is. Consider this as us filing a legal injunction over a trademark or one thing, only method less boring and not likely related to capitalism in any respect.

Typically we just need to blow one thing up. Blue and Inexperienced aren’t truthfully one of the best at that, so we’ve to use some weird cards to take action. Krosan Grip and Return to Nature can care for artifacts and enchantments, but if we need to destroy other varieties of permanents, we’ll be giving our opponents one thing in return.

Loaming ShamanTormod's Crypt

Some individuals need to use their graveyards to do fun issues. Here at RoaleskCorp, we’re towards that.

Obviously, you possibly can’t match all of those cards into your deck, however don’t fear–in the event you’ve obtained an itch to build a deck now, I’ve acquired a model right here for you.

Roalesk, Apex Hybrid in Commander

11 Island (335)
11 Forest (347)
1 Blast Zone
1 Botanical Sanctum
1 Breeding Pool
1 Command Tower
1 Hinterland Harbor
1 Karn’s Bastion
1 Llanowar Reborn
1 Mage-Ring Network
1 Novijen, Heart of Progress
1 Oran-Rief, the Vastwood
1 Reliquary Tower
1 Simic Progress Chamber
1 Temple of Mystery
1 Yavimaya Coast
1 Altered Ego
1 Bramble Sovereign
1 Deepglow Skate
1 Eternal Witness
1 Evolution Sage
1 Fathom Mage
1 Fertilid
1 Flux Channeler
1 Forgotten Historic
1 Gyre Sage
1 Herald of Secret Streams
1 Hydroid Krasis
1 Kalonian Hydra
1 Managorger Hydra
1 Master Biomancer
1 Merfolk Skydiver
1 Mirror Picture
1 Mowu, Loyal Companion
1 Phantasmal Picture
1 Pir, Imaginative Rascal
1 Rishkar, Peema Renegade
1 Sharktocrab
1 Spark Double
1 Thrummingbird
1 Toothy, Imaginary Good friend
1 Verdurous Gearhulk
1 Viral Drake
1 Vorel of the Hull Clade
1 Zegana, Utopian Speaker
1 Astral Cornucopia
1 Blade of Selves
1 Contagion Engine
1 Everflowing Chalice
1 Helm of the Host
1 Lux Cannon
1 Tormod’s Crypt
1 Bred for the Hunt
1 Doubling Season
1 Hadana’s Climb/Winged Temple of Orazca
1 Hardened Scales
1 Inexorable Tide
1 Simic Ascendancy
1 Jiang Yanggu, Wildcrafter
1 Nissa, Very important Pressure
1 Nissa, Voice of Zendikar
1 Tamiyo, Collector of Tales
1 Beast Inside
1 Cackling Counterpart
1 Disallow
1 Heroic Intervention
1 Inspiring Name
1 Krosan Grip
1 Pongify
1 Reality Shift
1 Solidarity of Heroes
1 Swan Music
1 Biogenic Upgrade
1 Contentious Plan
1 Cultivate
1 Kodama’s Attain
1 Quasiduplicate
1 Ceremony of Replication
1 Tezzeret’s Gambit

In the event you’re trying to make issues a bit more aggressive, be happy to include some Infect creatures as well as cards like Sage of Hours and Magistrate’s Scepter which you should use to take tons of turns. Triumph of the Hordes is a good way to finish a recreation in your favor, and tutors like Green Solar’s Zenith may also help you get exactly the playing cards it is advisable dominate a recreation. Finally, Darksteel Reactor is a strong strategy to generate inevitability. You can even just use the proliferates to final a bunch of planeswalkers and smash individuals with Bioessence Hydra if that’s your jam.

Let me know what you assume!