Everything you need to know about the Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X may simply be Elon Musk’s crowning glory. It isn’t simply the company’s costliest automotive, it’s a seven-seater supercar in the right spec. It’s arduous to oversell such an integral a part of the electrical automotive revolution and, someday, it’s going to take its rightful place in the EV Corridor of Fame.

The platform will type the base of the upcoming Tesla minibus that would revolutionize public transport and the SUV matches the limitations of an electric automotive better than some other.

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It’s heavy anyway, so the weight of the batteries doesn’t matter and the 5441lb curb weight is simply one other huge statistic to wow the crowds with. It’s designed to transport households so the feel on the limit actually doesn’t come into things and the likes of Porsche’s Cayenne and BMW X6 set the bar excessive, so the worth isn’t even an enormous situation.

The Model X has been a runaway success and it’s going to do even better in new territories like South Korea and concrete facilities. Now the Tesla Model X P100D is right here, too, then this is an SUV that may slay icons at the dragstrip.

It even comes with a Bioweapon Defence Mode choice. We’re not quite positive what to make of that one, however it is going to help if you’re a Hay Fever sufferer.

So is the Tesla Model X the complete trendy automotive? Let’s find out…

Tesla Model X Design

It’s still a thriller how Tesla manages to crowbar seven actual seats into a fastback SUV that appears like a crossover. It doesn’t look much greater than a BMW X6 and it’s lower to the ground. BMW struggled to get adults in the back, Tesla found the room for an additional row of seats. That is the miracle of proper packaging.

From the entrance it seems like a traditional automotive, a run of the mill sedan with a smoothed off front finish that matches the Tesla profile to a tee. Then we get to the aspect and things start to get clever.

Typical entrance doorways be a part of forces with these falcon doors to create entry to the rear. There’s nothing notably ground-breaking about the fastback silhouette. In reality when it comes to styling then minimalist and low drag are in all probability the kindest things you can say.

However the Model X is all about the performance and that’s merely beautiful. It’s 20% slippier aerodynamically than the nearest rival and people doors need just 30cm of free area to give you full access to the interior.

The battery pack, in typical Tesla-style, is low down in the body and meaning it could actually hold a wheel close to every corner. It’s low-slung for an SUV, too, but then this isn’t actually a automotive to take on the dunes and there’s no actual point pretending.

Tesla Model X Interior

Tesla Model X Inside

The interior is typical Tesla and it’s all about that driver-facing touchscreen that controls the entire automotive and is best built-in into the Model X dashboard than in some other model. From this one command middle you can regulate just about all the things, from the suspension to the stereo. You possibly can browse the net, verify the degree on the battery and find the nearest supercharger.

All of us know by now that the 17” touchscreen is the envy of the motoring world and the likes of BMW’s iDrive and even the onboard pc in the Mercedes S Class appeared stone age in a single day when the Tesla system hit the street. They’re scrambling to catch up as we converse with the display, the Autopilot features and every little thing else the Tesla has to supply.

Tesla Model X

It comes with the sunroof and the largest full-length panoramic glass roof in the business that turns the entire automotive into an excellent conservatory. Those slick, hard-cased, designer seats come with either a central piece of floorspace that reinforces the interior storage to 77 cubic ft, or you can go for the seven-seat configuration.

The last row of two seats fold flat, too, whereas the second row folds forward. That frees up a huge amount of area that turns the Tesla Model X inside right into a cavernous wagon.

It’s principally a boardroom in there and it wipes the flooring with the likes of the Cayenne and the X5 when it comes to interior area, tech, just about all the things. The Tesla Model X interior raised the bar, it’s just that straightforward.

Tesla Model X Specs

The Model X can either be a useful type of transport or an absolute weapon, it just will depend on how a lot cash you want to throw at the deal. As all the time, the spec will depend on the battery measurement you opt for and right here’s what you need to know.


The bottom degree Tesla Model X 60D provides 200 miles of range and will match the equally powered Model S from Zero-60mph. It does that dash in just 6.0s thanks to 325lb/ft of low-down torque and four-wheel-drive system. Elon Musk stated it himself, Tesla does not make sluggish automobiles.

The highest velocity of 130mph isn’t overly impressive, however then it’s nonetheless sufficient to land you in jail. If you need to go quicker, dig deeper into your pocket.


Go for the 75kWh battery and you’ll get 37 miles extra range. The performance doesn’t change, allegedly, however then the 75D comes with 387lb/ft of torque and that has to have some form of influence.


Now issues start to get fascinating, though the 90D isn’t a efficiency model it should still hit 60mph in 4.8s and reach the official Tesla prime velocity of 155mph. The 90kWh battery is sweet for 257 miles, too, which is more than enough for most journeys now that the Supercharger community is spreading like a particularly poisonous virus.


The P100D is recent on the media’s lips right now, however you can nonetheless order the former heavyweight champion with its three.7s Zero-60mph time, though. It replaced the P85D lately, so there’s not a lot probability of it quietly exiting stage left to make approach for the P100D.

The Tesla Model X P90D continues to be well-known for smashing critical sportscars on dragstrips around the world. It might now be usurped by the P100D, however this was the trailblazing SUV that hit 60mph in 3.7s thanks to a barely plausible 713lb/ft of torque.

With the full Ludicrous Mode enabled the twin motors produced a total of 762bhp, which Tesla claimed was restricted to 532bhp. Not everyone believes them.


This is it, a new benchmark for quick SUVs, and we don’t even have the full figures yet.

The torque and horsepower figures are on the approach, but relaxation assured that they are large. We do know how fast it’s, though. Yes, it’s scary quick.

Tesla Model X performance

Tesla Model X P100D Performance

The P100D comes pre-packaged with the Ludicrous choice and that helps it hit 60mph in 2.9s. It sort of renders every other status automotive redundant at a stroke.

You’ll get 289 miles of range on the EPA score, or more than 300 if you maintain the wick turned down. However you gained’t, as a result of that’s not the level of a bus that rips from 45-65mph in simply 1.4s and decimates supercars.

Keep in mind that the Tesla Model X P90D did the quarter-mile in 10.8s in MotorTrend’s palms and this automotive goes to be an excellent bit quicker. Might it’s the one that breaks the 10s barrier? It’s going to be close.

Tesla Model X Worth

Identical to the efficiency, the worth of the Tesla Model X covers a broad spectrum. The bottom mannequin might be yours for simply $74,000. That still isn’t low cost, nevertheless it’s a variety of automotive for the cash and that is still leading edge know-how.

In fact if you start ticking the packing containers for the Autopilot system, Sensible Air Suspension, the Premium Upgrades Package deal and extra, then the base Tesla Model X lease worth of $773 can quickly blast past the $1000 a month mark.

At the different finish of the scale, the Tesla Model X P100D costs $135,500 and the Model X P100D lease worth begins at $1854 a month.

Tesla Model X Range

The Tesla Model X P100D range of 289 miles falls some way in need of the equal Model S, but in Eco Professional mode, with Autopilot at the wheel, it should beat that EPA score by a long way. The only real rival the Tesla Model X has comes from its circle of relatives, then, or from petrol-electric hybrids that may value way more to run.

Even the entry-level Model X 60D may give you 200 miles of range and doubtless a superb deal extra if you don’t push it too onerous.

Tesla Model S Supercharger

Tesla Model X charging

The Supercharger community, or lack thereof, was certainly one of the principal obstacles dealing with widespread adoption of electrical automobiles. Via sheer drive of will, Elon Musk has crushed the hen and egg conundrum that scared off main manufacturers.

One man’s willpower means you can now drive across America and most of Europe on the Supercharger community, which suggests you’re all the time inside hanging distance of a quick cost. Simply 30 minutes attached to the free charger provides you one other 170 miles of range and Tesla has dedicated to doubling the community by the finish of 2017.

Range nervousness used to be a thing. But a mixture of improved battery tech and more energy points signifies that it’s a factor of the past now.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X features

Autopilot is getting better all the time and it makes much more sense in the Model X. It’s a spacious automotive that you can stretch out in, while retaining both palms on the wheel in fact, and let the Tesla take the pressure on the freeway.

Now, that Bioweapon Defence Mode. Primarily it’s a beefed up HEPA filter that removes particles from the air. We’re unsure how it might work towards Anthrax or Sarin fuel, nevertheless it does reduce smog from the air and shall be a well-liked addition in polluted cities.

Anywhere individuals wear face masks on the tube, this is going to be a smash hit.

Tesla Model X in the snow

Wrap Up

The Tesla Model X is a revolutionary automotive that would prove to be Elon Musk’s biggest ever automotive. Tesla will sell extra of the Model S and swathes extra of the Model 3, however the Model X may simply be the biggest piece of design to emerge from the Palo Alto firm. This can be a seven-seater supercar, a zero emissions minibus and it might simply be future of city transport.

Now that Musk has created the Gigafactory and linked Tesla’s Powerwall with SolarCity, there’s no real doubt that electrical automobiles are the future. Now the infrastructure is in place and the battery tech is getting better by the day, the Tesla Model X has turned from an early adopter’s plaything into certainly one of the most full automobiles on the street at the moment.