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Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt, get the facts, figures, power, range and opinions

Tesla guidelines the roost in the electrical automotive world right now. Elon Musk took an enormous gamble and he’s reaping the rewards, however the competition is coming.

GM has worked feverishly behind the scenes on its battery know-how and the Chevy Bolt goes to be the first major contender our of the starting blocks. The truth is, it’s going to beat the Tesla will probably be preventing towards.

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The Bolt isn’t a luxury automotive, or a sportscar, or a seven-seat SUV. It’s a useful hatchback. However it is going to break the 200-mile mark on a single charge and that’s what issues.

The Model 3 is the entry-level Tesla. It’s the automotive that carries the weight of the firm on its shoulders and it’s going to make or break Elon Musk’s fledgling automotive company.

So how do these two contenders stack up?

Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt: Launch date

GM’s electric providing is going to beat the Tesla to the market by a full yr, at the least. GM launched the European version of the Bolt in Paris and it goes on sale on these shores at the end of the yr.

Now GM does not play quick and unfastened with its product rollouts. It has completed the improvement, it already has a manufacturing ready automotive ready to go and you’ll be able to financial institution on the Chevy Bolt hitting the showrooms on schedule.

We will’t say the similar about Tesla.

Elon Musk is legendary for lacking deadlines. So while we’ve a tough timescale of This fall in 2017 proper now, that is subject to vary.

Tesla is additional forward in the improvement schedule than it ever has been on any automotive, though, and there’s just too much driving on the Model 3 to get it fallacious. So we’re going to provide the Palo Alto firm the advantage of the doubt and assume this one’s going to be able to go.

Tesla Model 3

Even whether it is, there are so many pre-orders that you can be wanting down the barrel of certainly one of the longest wait lists in current reminiscence for those who attempt and walk right into a showroom and purchase one once they hit the street.

So the Tesla Model 3 finishes a distant second in this specific battle.

Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt: Worth

The two contenders are separated by just $2,500, nevertheless it’s a shock that the Chevy is the costlier choice. It’s a great wanting automotive, nevertheless it simply doesn’t have the similar premium look as the Tesla. The truth is, it seems like a automotive from a special sector.

In order that $37,500 price ticket grates a bit of.

It sort of is a special sector, the Chevy Bolt is a hatchback and psychologically that puts it towards automobiles like the Mazda3, even the Kia Soul. There’s no actual model cache with the Chevy both, so the price ticket is a bitter capsule.

Tesla has by no means bought automobiles this low cost and that may be a powerful incentive in itself. All of a sudden an unique club for early adopters and CEOs has thrown its doors open to the plenty. This is Ralph Lauren’s Polo and, assuming there’s no main mishaps along the method, it will sell by the bucketload at $35,000.

Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt: Design

In a method it’s down to non-public choice, however it isn’t actually is it? The hatchback Bolt is a good-looking hatchback, however the Model 3 is a junior government’s automotive of selection. The Bolt might easily be the next Honda, the Tesla couldn’t be anything.

chevy bolt rear

Now there are some cute touches on the Bolt. The accent touches on the aspect look for all the world like an electrical impulse, the entrance is aggressive and the sculpted rear is tough.

Tesla Model 3 rear

The Tesla, meanwhile, is a bit too chopped at the rear and the aspect profile seems plain mistaken. However we’ll get used to that and it’s the automotive’s solely dangerous angle. It appears expensive, it appears stylish and it seems to be like a Tesla. It’s a winner.

Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt: Range

These usually are not premium sportscars, Tesla has rather more highly effective automobiles in the line-up if you need that and Chevy, properly Chevy doesn’t as but. But the fact is that the practical points of the automotive is far more essential than the performance. Range, then, is the real battleground here.

Chevy has executed some great work to supply a automotive that does 200 miles between expenses, because of its 60kWh battery, whereas the likes of BMW, Ford and VW can solely handle round 100 miles.

The Dearborn agency also has a full yr of real-world improvement time to enhance on that number. How it introduces the upgrades could possibly be key, as it might not need to offend the early clients by bringing alternative battery packs with greater mileage to new automobiles on a rolling basis.

So we’d have to attend for a facelift mannequin or even the Bolt’s alternative for a serious improve in range. That, or you can just purchase a Model 3…

Now Tesla has pledged at the least 215 miles from the base degree automotive, which isn’t an ideal deal more and we’d need to see each automobiles on the similar journey in full Eco mode to actually make this call. The costlier automobiles in the Model 3 will dwarf the Chevy’s range, however then that’s comparing apples to oranges.

As it’s, with the cheaper, quicker automotive, Tesla nonetheless edges the range struggle.

Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt: Acceleration

Again, the Tesla wipes the flooring with the Chevy. It hits 60mph in 6s even in base spec. We don’t know what the base spec is yet, but we do know the Tesla Model 3 0-60mph time and it is impressive.

As Elon Musk stated: “Tesla doesn’t make slow cars.”

Once we get the prime end, superpowered Model 3, the acceleration figures are more likely to get loopy. The Model S is presently the fastest manufacturing automotive in the world with a 0-60mph time of two.5s. We expect the fastest Model 3 can be close.

Chevy has promised a Zero-60mph time of less than seven seconds for the Bolt. That’s good, actually, it’s a suitable velocity. It’s just not that quick compared to the Tesla Model 3.


Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt: Prime velocity

There’s not getting round the undeniable fact that the Tesla is going to dominate this one. The Chevy Bolt prime velocity is just 91mph, which GM rightly argues is more than sufficient for any journey on US soil.

Actually, it’s ok for any highway journey outdoors of Germany. There’s no purpose why GM should have tried to make it quicker. Until they have been nervous a few theoretical head-to-head with the Tesla Model 3, that is.

Tesla Model 3 design

The entry degree Model S is restricted to 130mph and we anticipate the Model 3 to return near that quantity. So there actually isn’t a contest right here.

Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt: Energy

This a troublesome one, because we simply don’t know the Model 3 spec proper now, however we will have an educated guess.

From the rough speeds, we all know it might want to have roughly as much energy as the unique Tesla Model S 40kW. That automotive kicked out 285kW (382bhp) at the motor, but was limited to 175kW (235bhp) at the wheels. It also had 317lb/ft of torque at its disposal and that powered the heavier Model S to 60mph in 6.5s.

So we’re filling in the blanks, but that sounds about right for the base Model 3. There can be a rear-drive choice and a four-wheel-drive model with much more power.

The Chevy has a 150kW motor (200bhp) that comes with 266lb/ft of torque powering the front wheels.

So yep, that’s another one for the Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt: Vendor community and help

Tesla can’t win this one. It is opening stores at a daunting price and just lately revealed it was opening the doors on a new retail outlet every 4 days.

However Elon Musk freely admits the firm is enjoying catch-up and Tesla Motors has been one long hearth struggle since the starting in 2003.

GM is established, it was based in 1908. It’s had time to refine the processes that Tesla is determining on the fly. It went bankrupt, however the firm remained principally intact and carried on regardless.

So GM knows all about servicing automobiles, trade-ins and extra. It’s a minor advantage, as a result of Tesla is doing a strong job for the most half and has excellent owner scores, but GM is a relative juggernaut and that comes with advantages of its personal.

Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt: Interior

We should always technically give this one to the Bolt, as a result of we’ve seen a pre-production inside and we truly know what it seems to be like. But we will’t, as a result of every little thing we find out about Tesla says that the Model 3 is going to be a lot sexier.

There’s nothing particularly incorrect with the Chevy Bolt inside. It’s practical, it comes with a display for the peripheral controls and one other for the instrument binnacle. The dashboard is angular, clear and somewhat fun and the seats look good.


Once more, we’re capturing in the darkish here, however we assume the Model 3 is going to maintain the similar clean, simple interior that has grow to be an organization calling card with the Model S and Model X.

The touchscreen will control every thing and aside from that you simply’ll get a wheel and some seats. That’s it, however we all know that the Tesla goes to make it all gel.

Tesla Model 3 Interior

Early prototypes seem to recommend that the dashboard can’t include the 17” touchscreen and it is going to be perched on prime. We hope that’s not the case, though, and the design moguls at Palo Alto find a strategy to combine it more successfully. Figuring out how Tesla does interiors, they may, and we’ll be left to marvel how a automotive that costs this a lot can look this good.

Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt: Charging community

The Tesla Supercharger network is spreading quicker than Pokemon Go and Elon Musk needs to double the variety of retailers in the US and Europe by the end of subsequent yr.

Nevertheless it’s a proprietary plug. Tesla has an adapter for the CHAdeMO system that Nissan used, however hasn’t been capable of produce one for the SAE community just yet.

GM operates on the SAE plug system, along with BMW, Mercedes, VW and extra. This might be a critical advantage now that the different massive players are finally becoming a member of the electrical social gathering.

There have been talks between Tesla and GM about sharing Supercharger improvement final yr, however that has gone quiet of late.

In fact Tesla is pressing forward with its personal network and might nicely have an SAE adapter prepared earlier than the Model 3 turns a wheel. So by then GM’s theoretical benefit with the charger community could possibly be a complete irrelevance. Proper now, we’re giving this one to the Bolt.

Tesla launches world's biggest supercharger station Clear Technica

Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt: Residence charging

Chevrolet can set up a 240-volt charger in your home that may absolutely charge your Bolt in 9 hours and it will provide you with 25 miles per hour on cost. Tesla hasn’t informed us which battery is in the base Model 3, so we simply don’t understand how quick it can cost up with a house charging system or one among the many Vacation spot chargers dotted around the place. We’ve to assume this one can be kind of a wash and we’ll call it a draw.


Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt: Safety

Chevy has affordable safety gear on the Bolt and it is going to inform you if pedestrians are in the means, if there’s something in your blind spot or worse. It additionally has an array of cameras that will provide you with a simulated hen’s eye view of the automotive for parking manoeuvers.

In case you have OnStar activated it is going to even ship an ambulance in case you crash. It’s a strong, passive system.

However the Tesla will stop you crashing in the first place, most the time. Chevy just lately denied that it might introduce autonomous driving in 2019, but Tesla is nearly there. The Model 3 will come with Autopilot, which is more likely to be a a lot better system by then.

Given a free rein, Elon Musk would make the Model 3 take the wheel utterly, however the regulators just gained’t permit it. What they may permit is for Musk to create a system that can help hold you out of hassle.

If it will probably’t, then rest assured the Model 3 will do its greatest to save lots of you. Say what you need about Musk’s gung-ho strategy, he does not reduce corners with safety and the Model S and Model X scored 5 stars throughout the board in the NHTSA crash checks. The Model 3 will do the similar.

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Remaining phrase

This is the first actual battle of the electrical automotive corporations and we’re fascinated to see what happens once they truly get on the street, in the flesh, in the real world. For now, we will solely speculate on the stats, details and footage.

Now we’re going to have to attend a very long time for the Model 3 and even longer in actual phrases if we take the waiting record under consideration. That might be the deciding issue for some individuals.

But when the two automobiles are there, on the forecourt, and you’ll be able to take your selection, then there actually isn’t much of an choice. It’s an excellent first effort from GM, however the Tesla takes this one at an absolute canter.